Gregor Horstmeyer ’10


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Project Title

Climatology at Stanford

“I spent this summer helping Professor Stephen Schneider of Stanford University in Stanford, California. Since Professor Schneider was often away traveling I spent the majority of my time working with Dr. Michael Mastrandrea.    Professor Schneider and Dr. Mastrandrea have been working together for several years studying issues surrounding climate change. The scope of my work focused on two projects that Dr. Mastrandrea had begun to work on: Future Greenhouse Gas Emissions Scenarios and Extreme Events in California.”

“We worked to make a report on future GHG emissions using probabilistic projections of the emissions and radiative forcing pathways. This could be used to help model future climate in California. The probabilistic projections for the report were based on both existing scholarly research and a new survey of expert opinion.”

“The goal of the second project was to improve existing research on the end-user impacts of extreme events in California. The report focused on the assessment of present and future changes to end-users in the likelihood of events similar in magnitude to historical events. The report also looks at the likelihood of future extreme events and events more intense than those observed in the past.”

Internship Year


Project Category

Climate and Energy


Stanford University, CA


Michael Mastrandrea and Stephen Schneider