Eric Teitelbaum ’13


Chemical and Biological Engineering

Project Title

Planting Native Plants at the Bulk Seed Project at the St. Michael’s Preserve in Hopewell

“This past summer I interned at the D&R Greenway Land Trust in Princeton NJ, a nonprofit organization that promotes the conservation of land in Central NJ through stewardship and an in-house nursery program. As a stewardship intern, my focus was primarily on the restoration of their land preserves, but I also spent time with a bulk seed project funded by New York City to establish sufficient native plant seed to restore the Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island. This was my second year as an intern with the D&R Greenway, and seeing the results from last summer was truly an insightful experience. At the preserves, we remove invasive species to allow native plants to become competitive, and often plant deer-resistant natives in place of the invasives. Coming back for another year, I was able to see the transformation of landscapes from being completely ­dominated by invasive plants to promising forests and meadows able to sustain native fauna.”

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D&R Greenway Land Trust, New Jersey


James Amon, D&R Greenway Land Trust