Emily Murray ’23


Astrophysical Sciences

Project Title

Extreme Model Railroad and Contemporary Architecture Museum Project

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The Extreme Model Railroad and Contemporary Architecture Museum (EMRCA) project is creating an immersive museum experience that combines train models and architectural models in a uniform scale. This project aims to revitalize the small town in western Massachusetts where it will be located by drawing people to the area. My goal was to estimate the museum’s total electricity, natural gas and water usage. These estimates are important to the EMRCA project team and investors so they can understand the museum’s potential operating costs and make better long-term plans. I developed comprehensive estimates based on the power draws of the models, digital displays and building as a whole. After estimating the museum’s needs, I researched clean-energy sources to help meet them. I made recommendations on the sources that would be the best to implement based on electricity generation, net savings, overall feasibility and sustainability. Through this research, I strengthened my data analysis skills and gained extensive knowledge of building studies. This internship opened me up to the possibility of applying my physics skills in an arts or culture context. I enjoy working at the intersection of fields and may pursue this in the future.

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Project Category

Urban Systems and Planning for a Sustainable Future


GCAM | Global Cultural Asset Management Group- North Adams, Massachusetts


James Pihakis, Senior Project Manager, GCAM