Emily Kaplan ’14


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Project Title

Terrestrial Conservation in Samos: Investigating the Golden Jackal

As an intern with Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, I studied the population and behavior of Canis aureus, the golden jackal, on Samos Island, Greece—currently the only island in the Mediterranean with jackals. This summer I helped Archipelagos gather data about the species so that they can better protect them as well as create educational material to teach locals about them. My experiments included acoustic surveys of the island for the purpose of acquiring data on the population and distribution of jackals. Additionally, I analyzed several past acoustic surveys to look for trends in the population. I also designed and executed an experiment using camera traps to study the behavior and diet of these scavenging animals. This internship allowed me to assist in other research of the organization as well, ranging from water quality analyses to censuses of marine life, so I gained experience in many different conservation projects over the course of the summer. I also hope to use my research at Archipelagos for my senior thesis.

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Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, Greece


Anastasia Miliou, Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation