Elizabeth Gatto ’16


Woodrow Wilson School

Project Title

Economic Policy in Environmental Markets

As an intern with the Economic Policy team at EDF, I worked on projects related to the social cost of carbon, cap and trade, and climate effects of natural gas. In particular, I researched and analyzed monetary damage functions on sea level rise, ocean acidification, and freshwater resources, which estimate future losses in these sectors as a result of climate change. I composed a memo on gasoline price elasticity and cost pass-through rates in the United States with respect to the cap and trade program instated by the California Global Warming Solutions Act. I also located data on methane leakage and upstream carbon dioxide emissions for compressed and liquefied natural gas systems. Through this internship, I gained valuable insights into the importance of public policy and economics in environmental efforts. My rewarding experience at EDF reinforced my aspirations to pursue a career in environmental services.

Internship Year


Project Category



Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), New York, NY


Jonathan Camuzeaux, Environmental Defense Fund