Elif Aydin ’22


Operations Research and Financial Engineering

Project Title

Potable-Water System Implementation for El Cajuil

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We traveled to the Dominican Republic to continue implementing a plan for providing a gravity-fed potable water system to El Cajuil, a predominantly agricultural community. In previous years, the team installed chlorination and filtration systems, air-release valves and an additional section of pipeline to support equal access to safe, clean water throughout the community. This year, the team worked to improve the system by surveying the land for future water sources, chlorinating the existing water source, and protecting the existing infrastructure for increased sustainability. Additionally, the team worked to implement a break pressure tank to increase the flow rates of water within the community. This tank will provide an optimal tie-in point for our future project of connecting the community to an additional water source. Throughout the project, the team not only fulfilled the main Engineers Without Borders mission of finding an engineering solution to provide access to potable water, but also promoted sustainability and long-term community connections.

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Project Category

Water and Health


Engineers Without Borders (EWB), Princeton Chapter, Dominican Republic- El Cajuil, Dominican Republic


Peter Jaffe, William L. Knapp ’47 Professor of Civil Engineering, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton University; Nolan Perreira, Responsible Engineer in Charge, EWB