Elena Remez ’23

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School of Public and International Affairs

Project Title

Teaching Assistant for Conservation Clubs

Certificate(s): Environmental Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies

The Northern Kenya Conservation Clubs (NKCC) teach children about the environment and their responsibility to take care of nature. Because the program was moved online, we focused on developing a virtual “library” of stories read aloud by me, my fellow intern, Camille Reeves, and our adviser. For the majority of the summer, I worked to develop a template for the videos, including a small animation of the NKCC logo. Next, I worked on editing the recorded videos and adding comprehension questions that linked back to the NKCC curriculum. Working with the NKCC increased my video production skills and general knowledge of Kenya. We got to listen to local community leaders speak daily about the research and programs they have developed. It was amazing to hear research from such a different environment than Princeton. Prior to starting this internship, I wanted to pursue a certificate in gender and sexuality studies. After this experience, I have realized that I want to make sure my gender and sexuality classes are not primarily American-focused, and that I obtain a greater worldview of gender and sexuality.

Internship Year


Project Category

Biodiversity and Conservation


Rubenstein Group, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University; Mpala Research Centre


Daniel Rubenstein, Class of 1877 Professor of Zoology, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology