Elena Remez ’23


School of Public and International Affairs

Project Title

Aquaculture and Marine Food Systems

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Certificate(s): Environmental Studies, Dance

I worked on addressing knowledge gaps in the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)’s U.S. aquaculture strategy. Aquacultural issues are intersectional because they impact humans and ecosystems, and require a lot of background information to create clear goals. The questions I examined ranged from who the dominant players in the aquaculture industry are, to accessing seaweed production methods, carbon sink potential and finding the barriers to entry into aquaculture for women and people of color. My research culminated in an extensive write-up of all my findings, which EDF is now using to advance their work. I also assisted EDF in smaller research projects, writing memos and literature reviews, and summarizing research. I found my work incredibly intriguing and helpful in developing clear academic and career pathways. It emphasized for me that formulating nature-based solutions to environmental policy challenges is where I see myself working in the future! The intersection of policy, equity and the environment is a great junction for my interests.

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Project Category

Food Systems, Water And Human Health


Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)


Rod Fujita, Lead Senior Scientist, Oceans Emerging Issues, EDF