Eleanor Elbert ’12


Art History

Project Title

Family Planning & Resource Use

I interned for the Sierra Club’s Global Population and Environment Program which ­advocates for universal access to voluntary family planning services in ­conjunction with responsible resource use. This experience deepened my insight into some of the most complex environmental issues (family size and resource use disparity ­between ­developed and developing nations) at the community level. It also taught me a ­rights-based ­framework from which to understand these issues. I was involved with ­grassroots ­organizing of Sierra Club members and young activists around the country, and raised awareness of our work via social media and blogging. I helped prepare content for presentations and materials, and coordinated with volunteers to produce newsworthy information for activists to disseminate.

Internship Year


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Sierra Club, Washington, D.C.


Sandeep Bathala, Sierra Club