Daniel Bauman ’22



Project Title

Statistical Approaches to Methane Measurement

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Certificate(s): Applications of Computing

My project focused on evaluating how drones could be used to measure methane emissions at BP’s oil and gas facilities in order to help the company finalize its methane-measurement strategy. Working with data obtained during an initial trial, I focused on understanding measurement uncertainties and the major challenge they present. By learning from my initial attempts, I transitioned to providing data-driven evidence for why a large measurement campaign is necessary and the best ways it can be accomplished. Above all, I learned how complex and challenging this issue is, and I still feel like there is much to be explored and learned. Throughout my internship, I was able to greatly improve my ability to not only analyze data, but also clearly communicate my findings so that it can be used by others. This was an incredible opportunity that inspired me to explore careers and future studies related to the application of mathematics to environmental problems.

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Innovation and a New Energy Future




Kieran Bhatia, Climate Science Program Lead, BP