Dale Lee ’20, Computer Science

Certificate(s): Urban Studies

For phase two of our project, we installed a chlorination and filtration system to purify the water going into the main storage tank. Automatic air-release valves were installed along critical points in the line to release trapped air and increase flow throughout the system. Water meters were added at critical sections of the pipeline to assess water usage. Float valves were repaired and reinstalled in the main storage tank to prevent overflow due to excess water coming in from the source. A proposed looped section of pipeline for an area where the community is expanding residentially was surveyed. This looped section would allow for more water pressure and equal water distribution throughout the system. All the piping and critical sections of the pipeline were purchased and delivered to the community, including the tie-in near the tank, the tie-in at the bottom of the community, and a bridge spanning a 100-foot gorge.