Connie Gong ’25



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Teaching Assistant for Conservation Clubs

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Certificate(s): African Studies, Environmental Studies

The Northern Kenya Conservation Clubs (NKCC) use experiential learning to foster awareness of environmental problems, and empower students to lead community conservation projects. As an intern for the NKCC, I worked as a teacher, community organizer, and graphic designer. I developed and facilitated lessons that taught local students about basic ecological concepts and conservation issues through games and art making. I also worked with fellow interns to organize Community Conservation Day, a showcase of the club’s accomplishments achieved over the past year. Community Conservation Day brings together students, teachers, and community members from across Laikipia. Working with the NKCC exposed me to a wealth of ecological knowledge. I was humbled by and fascinated with the origins of this knowledge and the stories that accompany it. For my senior thesis work, I am interested in returning to Kenya to write an ethnography about such stories and how they interact with Laikipian communities’ perceptions of climate change. My experiences have also inspired me to pursue a certificate in African Studies.

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Biodiversity and Conservation


Rubenstein Lab, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University - Mpala Research Centre, Nanyuki, Kenya


Daniel Rubenstein, Class of 1877 Professor of Zoology, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology