Ci’Anee Campbell ’23

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World Wildlife Fund: Next California Project

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I interned with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on behalf of the Princeton Recognizing Inequities and Standing for Equality (RISE) program. I conducted qualitative research and found quantitative data to support the Next California Plan to shift food production from California to the mid-Mississippi River Delta region. I documented the sentiments and experiences of Black farmers in the region to better help the WWF design a project that would boost opportunities for historically underrepresented groups while also working to combat climate change. With the help of the AgLaunch Outreach Team, I facilitated two focus groups of urban growers, mass producers, council members and aqua-culturalists that participated in a discussion on food insecurity, the sentiments of racial oppression, environmental injustices and the influence of technology on production. I gained skills in data collection and analysis through my communication with the National Agricultural Statistics Service, as well as in my dialogue with the agriculture specialists who shared their stories with me. My experience with the Next California Plan has influenced my consideration of urban planning as a career path with the intention of vocalizing the experiences of marginal communities similar to my own.

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Food Systems, Water And Human Health


World Wildlife Fund (WWF)


Julia Kurnik, Director, Innovation Startups, WWF