Chengming Zhu ’13



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Electricity Forward Pricing and Electricity Market Coupling

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I worked this summer with Dr. Michael Coulon in Princeton Laboratory of Energy ­Systems Analysis (PENSA), within the Operations Research and Financial ­Engineering Department (ORFE). The major project I was involved in was the study of multi-fuel dependent electricity pricing and the influence of European market ­coupling on the electricity spot and forward price. My major goal was to ­develop quantitative and analytic skills, to apply a mathematical model, and to develop computation solutions to real life problems involving uncertainty. Dr. Coulon and I ­investigated new approaches to electricity forward pricing, by constructing a ­MATLAB model for simulation and closed-form approximation, and then conducted back testing on the existing data. It was an extremely rewarding summer.

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Climate and Energy


Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey


Warren Powell, Professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Director, Program in Engineering and Management Systems