Charles Copeland ’19



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Are Ocean Mesoscale Eddies Hotspots of Carbon Uptake?

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I spent the summer studying the effect that mesoscale eddies have on carbon uptake in the Southern Ocean. Mesoscale eddies are large open-ocean vortexes that pose many challenges in observational science and climate modeling. The Southern (Antarctic) Ocean is an especially important area of study for understanding the Earth’s carbon cycle and response to climate change, as it is a major area for the uptake of carbon and the overturning of ocean layers. By analyzing new data from advanced floats released in the Southern Ocean, along with satellite data of sea-surface heights, I was able to see how the presence of eddies changed the way carbon moved through the oceans. This internship gave me an in-depth look at how new advancements in oceanography allow us to better observe and predict the Earth’s response to climate change and encouraged me to continue studying climate science.

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Climate Science


The Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOS), Princeton University, Princeton, NJ


Jorge Sarmiento, Professor, Geosciences