Carmen Chen ’21


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Project Title

NYC Pier 52/Day’s End Ecological History Research

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Certificate(s): Architecture, Environmental Studies, Urban Studies

I worked in New York City on a project in collaboration with the Whitney Museum of American Art — based on a proposal by artist David Hammons — to construct a ghost-frame sculpture of Pier 52, which had existed adjacent to the site of the museum. I researched the history of the area — Manhattan’s West Village — by visiting archives at several libraries and city departments, and by reading articles and books from online databases. I found information tracing the neighborhood’s history through several time periods, beginning with indigenous settlement. I compiled this information into several booklets under different subcategories of history (e.g. maritime traffic history, market history, etc.). By the end of the internship, I learned an incredible amount about New York City’s history. I enjoyed working on an extended research project and learned how to access archives and information not readily available on the Internet. Working with my mentors at Guy Nordenson and Associates, as well as the staff at the Whitney Museum, allowed me to forge important relationships.

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Climate Change and Environmental Science


Princeton University School of Architecture; Guy Nordenson and Associates- New York City, New York


Guy Nordenson, Professor of Architecture, Princeton University; Gina Morrow, Guy Nordenson and Associates