Brett Leibowitz ’13


Operations Research and Financial Engineering

Project Title

Estimating Fishing Impact on Habitat Productivity

This past summer, I worked with the Environmental Defense Funds’ Oceans Research and Development Team where I helped create mathematical and statistical models that simulate fisheries. These models concentrated on estimating the effects of fishing different species based on either their age or spatial location (e.g. fishing only adults or only juveniles). We spent the first half of the summer mainly researching reputable sources for data on species and models to predict how the population would react. The latter part of the summer I spent actually creating my models based on my research. This internship was very helpful in teaching me how fisheries are managed and how research can be performed to help improve the sustainability of fisheries. It has influenced my topic for my senior thesis, entitled, “Optimizing Biological and Financial Returns for Fisheries: A Model of a Fishing Credit System.” The information I learned from this internship is incredibly valuable and will be very useful in my studies and in my future endeavors.

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Environmental Defense Fund, San Francisco, CA


Rod Fujita, Environmental Defense Fund