Benjamin Stone ’11



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Infanta Malaria Prevention Foundation

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I interned in Accra, Ghana, with the Infanta Malaria Prevention Foundation, an NGO that works to prevent and treat malaria in children and pregnant women, the most vulnerable populations to malaria. We performed a variety of tasks for the foundation, including several outreach programs. We tested women and children for malaria and provided medicine to those who tested positive. We also distributed insecticide-treated bed nets for malaria prevention. In addition to the outreach programs, we shadowed doctors in the pediatric ward of a public hospital in Accra. We also worked on a project for the Grameen Foundation developing short messages about malaria to be incorporated into a health text message alert system.

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Infanta Malaria Prevention Foundation, Accra, Ghana


Lois Okudzeto, The Infanta Malaria Prevention Foundation