Benjamin Levenson ’13



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Development Problems in Capitalist Tanzania

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This summer I worked on a research project with Professor Aldin Mutembei revolving around development in Tanzania. We looked at one church called the Full Gospel Bible Fellowship, a born again Christian church, whose members opposed a specific government project to build high-tension power lines because they felt it interfered with their evangelism. Through this research we learned that there is a chasm between the way the government views development and the way the general public viewsdevelopment. The members of this church opposed the high tension power lines because they viewed spreading Christianity as more important than providing power, whereas the government disagreed. Whether this is a product of socialism, lack of education, disillusionment with government intervention, and/or foreign influence, we are not sure, but it is a problem worthy of further exploration with the goal offinding a solution. Mainly through newspaper research, we also investigated several underlying problems that may be leading to the resistance to and failure of various development efforts in the country.

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Princeton University


Mahiri Mwita, Lecturer in Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies