Baik Ejeong ’16


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Project Title

Methane Leakage from the Natural Gas System

This summer I worked as an energy intern at Climate Central, a non-partisan climate research and journalist organization. I worked closely with my adviser Dr. Eric Larson, a senior research engineer from the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, examining methane leakage from the natural gas system. Natural gas has garnered attention recently, hailed as the bridge fuel between coal and renewable energy sources. However, natural gas mainly consists of methane, a greenhouse gas more potent than CO2 in the long term. It is crucial that we understand methane leakages from the natural gas system in order to properly assess the implications of natural gas development. During this internship, I conducted a thorough literature review of the available studies on methane leakage from the natural gas system in order to evaluate the current state of affairs and related studies. Through this experience I not only learned how to ingest large amounts of data and studies, but also how to organize and categorize them. I have now developed a deeper understanding of the topic as well as the ability to critically analyze studies. This internship greatly influenced my choice to continue research in environmental engineering with an emphasis on emissions from fossil fuel sources.

Internship Year


Project Category

Climate Change and Environmental Science


Climate Central, Princeton, NJ


Eric Larson, Senior Research Engineer, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment