Atarah McCoy ’20


Woodrow Wilson School

Project Title

Develop Model for Alternative Seafood- Distribution Chain

I worked with Talia Young to develop Fishadelphia into a community-supported fishery (CSF) program that would connect Jersey Shore harvesters with communities in Philadelphia. Together, we focused our efforts on making Fishadelphia into a CSF that would connect New Jersey Shore harvesters with communities in Philadelphia. Our goal was to provide racially and economically diverse communities with greater access to community-supported fishery programs that can improve the income of community harvesters and provide consumers with healthier and fresher seafood. Over the summer, I researched CSF business models, analyzed survey and focus-group data collected from Talia’s previous research, and generated weekly logistical and structural reports for Fishadelphia to implement in its business model. Through my work with Fishadelphia, I learned more about what the process of creating and executing resolutions to promote equality involves within a business framework. My work substantiated my interest in civic values, health and social justice, and I look forward to applying what I’ve learned to my academic endeavors as a concentrator in the Woodrow Wilson School of International and Public Affairs.

Internship Year


Project Category

Biodiversity and Conservation




Talia Young, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology