Ariane Fong, ’20, Architecture

Certificate(s): Urban Studies

My project investigated the island of Mazzorbo in the northern lagoon of Venice, Italy, ecologically, anthropologically and architecturally, culminating in a body of research for a graduate course in the Princeton School of Architecture. The course presents an urgency for housing in the Venetian lagoon and asks students to design social housing for Mazzorbo. While collecting general background information about Venice and Mazzorbo, my research also tracked the political and architectural precedent for postwar social housing in the lagoon. I further elucidated the precarious ecological state of the lagoon due to the increased severity of acqua alta (high waters), the MOSE floodgates, and tourism pressure on Venice, and suggested opportunities for an architectural response. Following the research phase, I mapped the island of Mazzorbo to generate a rough topobathymetric model of the lagoon comprising both the island and the seafloor surrounding the island.

* This internship is connected to the PEI Urban Grand Challenges project, “Venice: Amphibious Hotel.”