Annie Cory ’20


Woodrow Wilson School

Project Title

Developing a Vision for a Clean-Energy Future

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I interned at the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) in Los Angeles. While EDF has many environmental goals, the Los Angeles team is primarily focused on limiting pollution from oil and gas wells and paving a policy pathway forward for a clean-energy future in California. My primary roles included researching and authoring policy-position papers, attending workshops on clean-energy legislation and lobbying in Sacramento. During my time at EDF, the group’s focus turned toward a more integrated approach to clean energy and I was integral in providing preliminary research on the clean-energy landscape in California. I developed skills such as communicating with a disperse team effectively, writing concise and opinionated papers and reading complicated legal documents — all of which I will use in future jobs. The basic understanding of the policy world I gained will propel me forward in my academic study in the Woodrow Wilson School.

Internship Year


Project Category

Urban Adaptation and Resiliency


Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)-Los Angeles, California


Timothy O’Connor, Director of California Oil and Gas Program, EDF; Irene Burga, Manager, California Climate and Energy, EDF