Anna Qin ’21


Computer Science

Project Title

Breaking Waves on Coastal Structures

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I used the open-source “solver” mathematical software Basilisk C to create numerical simulations of how waves break against walls. These simulations could help further understand how waves impact coastal structures, which would lead to improved and more resilient structural designs for coastal areas. I designed and refined the simulation programs by investigating the initial conditions and parameters that gave appropriate results. I ensured that workable data were outputted before running the simulations and processing the results. After creating a simulation to produce regular sine, or oscillating, waves with the properties of water under air, I used dispersive focusing to create simulated waves that broke at a specified time and location. Then I inserted an arbitrary wall and observed the behavior of the wave on impact. Through this project, I learned how to use the software tools for creating such simulations. Thanks to this experience, I became more comfortable solving problems independently, I gained a greater appreciation for the research process, and I reaffirmed my interest in applying computer science to scientific problems.

Internship Year


Project Category

Urban Adaptation and Resiliency


Deike Lab, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University- Princeton, New Jersey


Luc Deike, Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and the Princeton Environmental Institute