Anna Duarte-Silva Barry ’12



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Innovating Solutions to Marine Conservation Problems

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This summer, I was an intern at the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) in San ­Francisco. I worked as a research intern in the Ocean Innovations Department. This ­department, with the rest of the Oceans departments, works to implement sustainable ­fishery ­practices around the world. Specifically, I researched the implementation of ­sustainable fishery practices in Cuba and the Pacific. My primary responsbility for each ­regional project was to research background material, statistics, and the status of fisheries for each region, and then provide my own insight as to how fisheries could be ­improved by EDF. The research I conducted through this internship prompted my senior ­thesis topic, and I am eager to get going and build upon what I started this summer. I always felt that my work was highly valued at EDF. I was welcomed as an important member of the team from the start which made the experience very rewarding.

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Environmental Defense Fund, California


Rod Fujita, Environmental Defense Fund