Anid Laoui ’18


Operations Research and Financial Engineering

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Financial Modeling for Mobile Electric Device Commercial Project

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The environmental impact of our current carbon-based economy is quickly becoming unsustainable. As governments and companies alike look to alternatives, it is apparent that battery technology will be an integral part of future energy consumption. This summer I had the chance to work at Lightening Energy, a government-contracted company looking at the future of the battery. As an intern, my primary responsibility was to assess the viability of the company’s novel technology for current and future commercial markets. Such analysis required extensive financial modeling across a variety of industries where battery demand is expected to grow. To achieve accurate models, the other interns and I used large amounts of data from energy utility companies along with other targeted market research to assess a market’s potential. After compounding our results, we were given the opportunity to present our findings to the rest of the team as well as several board members, business consultants and patent attorneys. Working with the Lightening team enriched my passion for the value of renewable energy and provided me with insight into both the public and private side of technology development. This opportunity has augmented my professional interest in the field and I hope to continue pursuing sustainable business tech in the near future.

Internship Year


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Alternative Energy


Lightening Energy, Dover, NJ


Eric Materniak, Lightening Energy