Andrea Chu ’14


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Project Title

Urban Farming and Food Access Community Program

My internship with The Food Project gave me an opportunity to have an active hand in working towards a more sustainable food system, from the seeding of vegetables to the distribution of the food. The Food Project is a non-profit organization that works to develop a productive and responsible community and to provide everyone with equal access to fresh, local, and affordable food, focusing on needs in urban areas. ­During the summer, I was responsible for coordinating and operating various farmer’s ­markets, mobile markets, and even initiated a new location for a market at a local senior ­recreational center. Since much of The Food Project’s food production comes from the hard work of the community, I worked with many youth, mentoring them and teaching workshops on food access and food justice. I learned how to adapt farming to urban environments, fully utilizing every square foot available, and treating contaminated soil. This internship exposed me to many sufficient solutions to the program of food shortage, but it also showed me the urgency of the need to shift our food system from processed and additives to local and sustainable.

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The Food Project, Massachusetts


Bob Burns and Cammy Watts, The Food Project