Amina Ahmad ’22

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School of Public and International Affairs

Project Title

Norm Dynamics and Rapid Decarbonization

I focused on the climate change and sustainability policies of several key financial institutions across time. I constructed extensive data sets by parsing the banks’ corporate social-responsibility reports; analyzing the role of activist groups in forming coalitions; reporting on trends in the banks’ fossil fuel investments; and closely following the associated public statements. I used PowerPoint and the statistical software R to create data visualizations of this information for a broader audience. I also worked on the “Distributed Solar Resources” project in India, a collaboration between Princeton and the India-based Council on Energy, Environment and Water. I explored ways to effectively implement community solar-power projects by studying the role of civil society organizations in urban, peri-urban and rural areas of India, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of existing projects, and suggesting ways of collecting data virtually. In addition to developing my research skills, the internship gave me an appreciation for the complex mechanisms at play at an institutional level and our ability to leverage behavioral psychology to create more effective environmental policy. This experience has prompted me to dive deeper into the world of policy research, particularly pertaining to sustainability and the environment.

* This internship is connected to the HMEI Urban Grand Challenges project, “Norm Dynamics as Agents of Urban Social Change and Environmental Sustainability: Investigating Cross-Cultural Differences and Longevity of Intervention.”

Internship Year


Project Category

Innovation and a New Energy Future


Behavioral Science for Policy Lab, Princeton University


Elke Weber, Gerhard R. Andlinger Professor in Energy and the Environment, Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs; Johanna Matt-Navarro, Research Lab Manager, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment; Jordana Composto, Ph.D. candidate, Psychology; Sara Constantino, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and the Program in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy, and Lecturer in the High Meadows Environmental Institute; Alicia Cooperman, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies