Amanda Li ’16


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Potable Water Project for La Pitajaya, Peru

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This past summer, I had the amazing privilege of working together with the community of La Pitajaya, trenching with them along the side of the Andean foothills, carrying needed materials up the mountain and searching for solutions to all of the problems that we inevitably faced in building a system to bring clean, potable water to the community. I came to Peru in 2013 as a travel team member of EWB-Princeton’s Peru chapter, where I worked on the water system for the upper part of the community of La Pitajaya. This summer, I returned as a Program Manager, and was able to work on and achieve our goal of finishing the water system for the lower part of the community. We got to see the moment when clean potable water flowed through every tapstand in La Pitajaya. My involvement with the EWB-Peru team gave me so much knowledge and insight into the world of international development. It showed me the many considerations, the planning, the commitment, the obstacles, and the reward that comes from implementing an international project. Being pre-med and having the dream of working in medicine and health, I hope to engage myself in global health beyond college, through medical school, and into my professional career.

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Engineers Without Borders, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, Peru


Peter Jaffe, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering