Alexander Brady ’10


Comparative Literature

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The Importance of Native Species

This summer I worked mainly in the removal of invasive species from D&R Greenway’s nature preserves. We targeted plants such as multiflora rose, purple loosestrife, and ailanthus (among many others) and employed various eradication methods, including cut-stump herbicide application, hack-and-drip herbicide application, and even the release of biocontrol beetles, in conjunction with the NJ department of agriculture. I worked alongside my two bosses, fellow intern, volunteer groups, and on one occasion helped to lead volunteers from a corporate group, as well as participated in actions under the auspices of the Central New Jersey invasive species strike team.

Along with these main duties, I spent one to two days a week working in D&R Greenway’s Native Plant Nursery, where they grow NJ native plants in part of a comprehensive land rehabilitation strategy, re-planting natives in areas where invasives have been removed. I worked, as well, in a D&R Greenway park in Bordentown, and Trenton’s Cadwalader Park, removing invasives and landscaping for public use. In the final month of my internship, I created a website for the Native Plant Nursery in order to raise awareness about the importance of native plants as well as promote the biannual plant sales that the organization will be holding as a fundraiser.

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D&R Greenway Land Trust, Princeton, NJ