Alankrita Raghavan ’15


Molecular Biology

Project Title

NAZ Foundation

This summer, I worked at the Naz Foundation in New Delhi, a public health organization committed to raising awareness about the spread of HIV/AIDS. Initially I compiled information and wrote reports for the various projects in Naz as well as grants for funding the newer projects. I subsequently became involved in the Home Based Care project which provides medicine and nutritional support to underprivileged children living with HIV/AIDS. I worked with foreign media organizations trying to gather information for last July’s International HIV/AIDS conference in Washington D.C.. In addition, I travelled to the slums and government hospitals in Delhi and neighboring regions to speak with the people living with HIV/AIDS and to offer them the services of Naz. Often, people did not understand their rights and they certainly did not know the services that the government provided for them; in this way I also became involved in the counseling aspect of Naz. This internship not only gave me the chance to work directly with the section of society I was trying to help, but also helped me to understand some of the constraints that non-profit organizations face on a daily basis.

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Naz Foundation (India) Trust, India


Anastasia Vrachnos, Princeton in Asia