Alan Southworth, 2014, Geosciences

During my time as a fellow with The Food Project, I took an active role in combating global food system issues on a local level. Consistent with this idea, I had diverse tasks including: interacting with and leading youth in fieldwork and harvest, directly donating fresh produce to hunger relief organizations, cooking with interns to prepare for “Veggie of the Week” contests, running a weekly farmer’s market stand, and participating in educational workshops for the youth. Each task had a strong component of youth, food, and community, which gave my work relevance within the overall goals of the organization. This relevance promoted a positive learning environment where I discovered everything from how to trellis tomato plants to how I, personally, could be a better leader based on the types of people with whom I work; from how to distinguish three different types of eggplant to what the food priorities of inner city teenagers are. Moving forward, regardless of what field I enter, I now know that I want to be working in a transparent, social environment where I am able to express new ideas and feedback to my coworkers.