Ahmed Musse ’17


Electrical Engineering

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Quantum Cascade Lasers and Detectors for Mid-Infrared Sensing of the Environment

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My summer internship, hosted by MIRTHE in conjunction with PEI, focused on infrared sensing of the environment. Our goal was to build what is called an Optical Coherence Tomography system. This system would provide cross-sectional images of biological systems allowing for the detection of toxic compounds within biological tissue. My responsibilities involved aligning the superluminescent emitter to optimize the amount of signal we received, which also included filtering out noise from the signal. In addition, I was responsible for developing code in MATLAB that was able to control the location of the movable mirror in our OCT setup, and the amount of data collected from the lock-in amplifier. While building the system, I learned about the process of research and the amount of organization that is involved. This internship gave me insight into how technological breakthroughs are made through clever modifications of known concepts. This experience also reinforced my interest in an electrical engineering major. The intersection of medical imaging and electrical engineering involved in my internship has prompted me to think of how I can use electrical engineering practically in the medical field for future research.

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Princeton University, Princeton, NJ


Claire Gmachl, Professor, Electrical Engineering