Adira Smirnov ’23


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Project Title

The Role of Parasites in Controlling Phytoplankton Community Composition and Ocean Productivity

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I studied the community composition in samples of seawater from six stations sampled by the Tara Oceans Project. Three were in high-productivity regions off coastlines, and three were in gyres and oligotrophic (lower productivity) regions. I used the QIIME bioinformatics platform to classify over 100 million sequences of DNA. I used these data to create stacked bar charts showing the community composition of each species at the supergroup level, and I compared the differences in relative abundance between high-productivity and oligotrophic stations. As expected, I found a higher relative abundance of diatoms in high-productivity stations. I also looked at the relative abundance of Syndiniales, an order of parasitic species, and measured how it varied in relation to the relative abundance of diatoms. I gained experience in using QIIME to analyze FASTQ files, and I learned how to assign genetic samples to taxonomic groups. I was fascinated to learn about the importance of parasites in community composition, and I hope to further study how species interactions can be as important in determining community composition as environmental factors.

Internship Year


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Climate and Environmental Science


Ward Lab, Department of Geosciences, Princeton University


Bess Ward, William J. Sinclair Professor of Geosciences and the High Meadows Environmental Institute; Jenna Lee, Ph.D. candidate, Geosciences