Abraham Chaibi ’14


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

My internship at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory involved the development of nuclear fusion as an alternative energy source. I worked with Dr.’s Goldston and Jaworski in two fields: modeling lithium flow in the plasma sheath of a tokomak, and designing the circuitry for a liquid lithium leak detector. By the end of the internship, I had completed the design and printed circuit board layout for the leak detector and had written an extensive report detailing the design process. This experience gave me the opportunity to develop my knowledge of programming numerical simulations in Matlab and to design and integrate complex electrical components effectively. Because of this summer research I will likely continue my study of nuclear fusion reactors through work at the Joint European Torus tokomak in the United Kingdom during my year abroad. I also hope to be able to combine this with my independent work and possibly continue working with PPPL for my senior thesis. The internship provided valuable insight into the independence required of graduate students and will definitely play a part in my post-graduation plans.

Internship Year


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Climate and Energy


Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, Princeton, New Jersey