Aaron Lichtblau, ’21, Computer Science

I worked on reducing noise pollution from traffic in urban areas. I investigated the noise-reduction properties of a few curved-crease folding-wall patterns, which fold along curved lines in order to deflect sound waves from oncoming traffic. Because my findings illustrated that the patterns were not suited to outdoor noise reduction, the emphasis of my project shifted to indoor noise reduction. I was able to start the design of a hanging, curved-crease folding noise reducer. I also wrote a blog article on the potential uses of curved-crease folding in engineering applications. This experience taught me how to work in multiple software applications for computer-aided design (CAD), including Rhinocerous 3D and its plugin, Grasshopper 3D. I also learned how to design and run computer modeling experiments. I hope to ultimately use my new programming and experiment-design skills at an engineering firm.

* This internship is connected to the PEI Urban Grand Challenges project, “Noise Pollution, Barriers, Health, Equity and the City.”