Mayank Misra

Mayank’s research interests lie at the intersection of human collective behavior, ecosystems, and climate change. He is particularly interested in socio-ecological coevolution dynamics and how human populations manage risk across different organizational and temporal scales.

At the Levin Lab Mayank focuses on how socio-ecological relationships are transformed when tribal populations are integrated with State structures and formal markets. He studies the effects of integration on integrated groups, their native ecosystems, and the resilience of States and markets themselves. On a larger scale he also studies the effect of losing diverse socio-ecological relationships on human adaptability and resilience to global catastrophic risk.

Mayank was formerly a civil rights lawyer in the High Courts of Delhi and Bombay, and at the Supreme Court of India. He completed a masters in Public Administration from the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs in 2014 and consulted for the Open Society foundations and UN peace keeping, before returning to Princeton as a PhD student.