Yolanda Jin ’20


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Project Title

Coastal Resiliency and Climate Adaptation in Jamaica Bay

Certificate(s): Architecture and Engineering, Urban Studies

I worked on a proposal to build barriers against storm surges and tidal flooding along Long Island’s Jamaica Bay. My responsibilities were to produce a series of drawings that visualized what the bayside neighborhood of Bayswater, Queens, would look like if the barriers are implemented. I created aerial views of the neighborhood and of a single block in the years 1925, 2025, 2050 and 2100 in order to show how2 everyday life could be affected. These images provided a substantial portion of the visual materials for a report on the project that will be used to secure investment for the construction of these barriers. This internship gave me the opportunity to more efficiently exercise my design abilities and my skills with software such as Rhinoceros and Adobe Illustrator. More importantly, it offered me the chance to exercise my communication, collaboration and organization skills by working as part of a design team.

Internship Year


Project Category

Urban Adaptation and Resiliency


Princeton University School of Architecture; Guy Nordenson and Associates- New York, New York


Guy Nordenson, Professor of Architecture, Princeton University; Paul Lewis, Professor of Architecture, Princeton University; Rennie Jones, Research Specialist, Architecture