Udit Basu ’20



Project Title

Environmental Effects of Deccan Volcanism During the Late Cretaceous

Certificate(s): East Asian Studies, Planets and Life

The goal of my project was to further confirm the significant impact that Deccan Volcanism had in the end-Cretaceous extinction event by conducting mercury analysis on samples from around the world, including Israel, India, Mexico and other countries. I prepared and analyzed hundreds of samples and calibrated the instrumentation for more conclusive results. This project further developed my understanding of geology, paleoclimate and sedimentology, and daily discourses on these topics allowed me to constantly reevaluate what I know. Furthermore, I performed much of the instrumentation and sample preparation independently, and I had the freedom to think critically about how to proceed from step to step. This internship truly was an eye-opening experience. My senior thesis will be based on the backbone of the research I conducted, and my work also influenced the research I’m interested in for graduate school. It would be an absolute pleasure to continue such study.


Internship Year


Project Category

Climate Change and Environmental Science


Keller Lab, Department of Geosciences, Princeton University - Princeton, New Jersey


Gerta Keller, Professor of Geosciences