Samuel Vasen ’23

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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Reserve and Forest Restoration Study

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For my internship, I worked on a detailed forestry survey of over 1,000 acres of preserved land at The Watershed Institute, a land and water conservation organization in New Jersey. The goal of my project was to translate the survey’s significant data set into accessible metrics on the health and composition of distinct sections of the forest. I worked with my mentor to analyze and extract relevant data points that reflected forest health. I compiled these data into interactive layers on a digital map using a geographic information system (GIS) program. My final product was an interactive website embedded with this map that functions as a tool to help The Watershed Institute ascertain forest health and composition. From this project, I gained substantial analytical skills and a strong command of GIS mapping software. I found the open-ended and creative side of this project very engaging. Working with an organization like The Watershed Institute has increased my drive to do more work in conservation.

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Biodiversity and Conservation


The Watershed Institute


Steve Tuorto, Director of Science and Stewardship, The Watershed Institute