Morgan Lucey ’19



Project Title

Environmental Exposure and Child Development: Evidence from the Krogman Growth Study

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Certificate(s): Gender and Sexuality Studies

I contributed to several projects with the Ethnographic Visualization Lab as they continued work on the Krogman Growth Study. This study exams environmental changes in Philadelphia from the 1940s-1970s and how they affected human growth and development in four separate neighborhoods. My work involved using the mapping and geographic information software ArcGIS to indicate sites of environmental contamination; creating visualizations of highway, hospital and university construction and development; and finding relevant data in various archives. I gained a lot of new skills in data analysis and visualization, as well as in archival research, which will be integral to developing my senior thesis. I also plan to attend law school. By finding connections between environmental changes and litigation, my work this summer showed me how important legal studies can be in environmental activism.

Internship Year


Project Category

Urban Adaptation and Resiliency


Ethnographic Visualization Lab, Department of Anthropology, Princeton University-Princeton, New Jersey


Carolyn Rouse, Professor of Anthropology; Jeffrey Himpele, Director, Ethnographic Data Visualization Lab, and Lecturer, Anthropology