Kevin Chen ’24


Computer Science

Project Title

Real-time Forecasting System for Hurricane Hazards and Risk

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I used synthetic storm data, published weather data, and rainfall values for hurricanes to help determine how dangerous future storms could be to any given area. I collected and found ways to specifically calculate the year-on-year surge values for the severity of a storm. This will be used for a real-time hurricane analysis chart in the future so that people in coastal zip codes can see how storms will affect them. I also investigated ways to help the research group by creating statistical and web-scraping tools for their project. During my research, I learned to code with statistical libraries in the programming language Python and worked with the software MATLAB. These are all skills that will help me in the future. This internship increased my interest in seeing how I can use programming in environmental studies and data analysis. I am excited to continue learning more about these topics and seeing what I can accomplish.

Internship Year


Project Category

Climate and Environmental Science


Hurricane Hazards and Risk Analysis Group, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton University


Ning Lin, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Avantika Gori, Ph.D. candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering