Joyce Kimojino ’19


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Project Title

Energy-Access Modeling

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Certificate(s): African Studies

I had the opportunity to intern with an energyaccess NGO in Kenya. Like many developing countries, Kenya is struggling to provide its citizens with clean and sustainable energy. Although the country has the potential to generate ample solar energy, that sector has yet to take off. The aim of my internship was to apply data analysis to better understand what factors affect energy consumption, and to determine the lowest-cost energy solutions for Kenya and for Africa. I also worked on a predictive model to help solar-energy developers predict the demand for electricity in new locations and determine (within a small margin of error) the equipment needed to provide those communities with energy. Working with CrossBoundary Energy confirmed my interest in, and deep passion for, better understanding how renewable energies can help mitigate some of the world’s most challenging issues. I plan to pursue this research for my senior thesis and for a career in renewable energy.

Internship Year


Project Category

Alternative Energy


CrossBoundary Energy; Dalberg Global Advisory-  Nairobi, Kenya


 Mahiri Mwita, Lecturer in Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, Princeton University; Gabriel Davis, Head of Energy Access, CrossBoundary Energy; Michael Bailman, Associate Principal, Dalberg Global Advisory