Joshua Umanksy-Castro ’17


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Project Title

Potable Water Project for La Pitajaya, Peru

This summer, I worked in Peru as part of Princeton’s Engineers without Borders travel team to finish building a water system for the community of La Pitajaya. Our third implementation trip, we had already brought water to the upper part of the community, La Pitajaya Alta, and were now starting the water system for the Baja part of the community. As the source was located 3km away, most of our work involved trenching and installing the pipeline, as well as carrying materials up and down the mountains to where they were needed. After six weeks, we managed to get water flowing in every single tapstand in La Pitajaya Baja, as well as connect two more community members to the Alta system. Looking ahead to next summer, we plan to assess both water systems, as well as search for potential projects in the area. While my post-graduate plans are undecided, this summer made me realize I’d like to pursue a career where I can make this same type of impact, and know that I’m making a difference in the world.

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Engineers Without Borders, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, Peru


Peter Jaffe, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering