Jinjin Zhao ’19


Computer Science

Project Title

Pedestal Predictions Using Neural Networks

I worked at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory researching the intersection of nuclear fusion and neural networks. Neural networks allow numerous machine learning algorithms to work together to process complex data. The goal of my project was to learn something about fusion data that cannot be explained by computational or theoretical models. This could help advance fusion reactors by allowing us to better predict the results of future experiments and, thus, design reactors that would achieve desired outcomes. I primarily worked on data collection, processing experimental results and measurements, and creating actual neural networks. I gained skills in dealing with experimental data, more experience working in machine learning, and a lot of knowledge about the state of fusion research. I am planning to extend my research into my senior thesis, so this internship has helped further my research journey.

Internship Year


Project Category

Alternative Energy


Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory- Princeton, New Jersey


Samuel Cohen, Director of Program in Plasma Science and Technology, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory