Henry Ogilby ’17



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Teaching Assistant for Conservation Clubs

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This summer, I focused on practical conservation education and experiential learning at 12 regional schools in Laikipia County, Kenya. As an intern with the Northern Kenyan Conservation Clubs (NKCC), I helped develop and execute daily lesson plans at Kenyan primary and secondary schools, encouraging students to think critically about environmental issues in the world around them, and moving beyond the memorization-heavy Kenyan education system. As a geosciences major, I particularly enjoyed creating and teaching lessons on hydrology and the water cycle. This experience, working deep in Maasai territory, helped me become a more flexible problem solver and has given me invaluable global perspective. Working alongside Kenyan educators and researchers has also greatly improved my communication skills, and I feel better prepared to pursue my goal of traveling and teaching abroad in the future.

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Mpala Research Centre, Kenya


Daniel Rubenstein, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology