Harjot Sidhu ’19


Electrical Engineering

Project Title

Electrical Engineering for High-Rate Recharging Vehicles

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I worked on creating a system-design prototype for the industrial application of a battery matrix, battery charger, and battery management system (BMS). Each subsystem consisted of its own challenges. For instance, it was important to create a battery matrix that safely and effectively held the batteries together and allowed them to charge and discharge. Interconnectivity between these subsystems was crucial in order for the design to operate efficiently. One of my main responsibilities was to establish a Controller Area Network (CAN bus) protocol. This allowed the BMS to communicate with the battery pack to determine if more charging was needed. My work furthered the research I did with Lightening Energy in summer 2017. I enjoyed being able to take theoretical research and build it, hands-on, into a prototype.

Internship Year


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Alternative Energy


Lightening Energy- Picatinny Arsenal, Wharton, New Jersey


Eric Materniak ’14, Program Manager and Engineer, Lightening Energy