Hannah To ’22


Computer Science

Project Title

Financial Modeling and Optimization for Electric-Mobility Business

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I interned as a financial modeling and optimization intern at Lightening Energy. I worked on and created financial models to project different values for a commercial expansion, such as revenue and return on investment. I worked with a model called BatPaC that took inputs such as battery chemistry, cell capacity, the size of the battery produced, and labor and production costs to estimate the cost of the battery. Using these models, I was able to create the financial projections for revenue and other indexes that we used in presentations for investors. I created a pitch deck that served as a summary of the company, project and financials. In this role, I was able to learn a lot about
the battery market, and I also expanded my understanding of how companies calculate their financials and analyze future earnings.

Internship Year


Project Category

New Energy Future


Lightening Energy - Dover, New Jersey


Eric Materniak, Energy Systems Manager, Lightening Energy