Grace Houlahan ’25



Project Title

Comparing Large Mammal Behavior Across Two African-protected Areas

I worked with the Pringle Lab in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique, under the supervision of Joel Abraham. In Gorongosa, ecological disturbances such as fire, flooding and herbivory affect plant life and ecosystems. Our research goal was to determine and understand how these disturbances interact and affect the savanna. To do this, we quantified the abundances of herbivores and invertebrates to understand herbivory presence, implemented flood sensors to measure flood levels, and collected soil cores to analyze soil composition. These methods were sometimes tedious, but I found my field work extremely rewarding. Along with these various sampling methods, I learned about the unique history of Mozambique and how enjoyable field research can be in a team environment.

Internship Year


Project Category

Biodiversity and Conservation


Pringle Lab, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University - Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique


Robert Pringle, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Joel Abraham, Ph.D. candidate, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Erin Phillips, Ph.D. candidate, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology