Emily Kaplan, 2014, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

I interned with Lyndon Estes in Civil and Environmental Engineering. My first project of the summer was to collect data from presenters at a Symposium on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Biodiversity in South Africa held in August 2011. I prepared this data for webhosting by using ArcMap. Other projects included working with iWeb and Roxen to design three websites: a site for the symposium, a site for Lyndon’s doctoral research, and a site for his current project, which is mapping crop fields in South Africa with public participation through Amazon Mechanical Turk. Lastly, I contributed to the crop field mapping project using ArcMap. Not only did I gain experience with ArcMap, iWeb, and Roxen, but by working with graduate students and among other interns, I was also able to learn about the methodology of research projects. My knowledge of ArcGIS, a popular and useful program in many departments, will be very helpful with independent work over the next two years, and beyond graduation.